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Agent of Change Foundation

Agent of Change Foundation is a registered charitable foundation that aims to building platform to create shared social values and empowering every disadvantaged to be the change. The Foundation believes in the power of disadvantaged to co-create value-driven, relation-based products and services with the assistance of social technology and cross-sector partnerships. They endeavour to transform lives of every individual, inspire them to be the change and foster better well-being as to alleviate poverty in both tangible and intangible assets.

Every change will create a ripple effect that makes the difference. The Foundation collaborate with the disadvantaged to offer strong value-driven and highly agile products and services. Through their extensive networks with related stakeholders and parties both locally, regionally and globally, they inspire their clients to be better connected in the community, strengthen their capacity to create impactful social actions and realize their journey of change.

Since early 2018, the Foundation has partnered with Facebook to roll out an online safety program that reached more than 70 local schools. The program aims to empower students as online safety gatekeepers through various creative and interactive means such as forum theatre, workshops and multi-media production. Since then, the Foundation has trained more than 6,000 local students and maximized its impact to 10,000 students by the end of 2019. With the support from Facebook, the Foundation has also launched a number of socially impactful social initiatives that included the #NoWayYesWay Good Causes Campaign for the underprivileged children, " No Boundaries" Virtual Reality Education programs for secondary schools on innovative teaching and learning and climate changes, "Feed Your Heart" Students' Wellbeing Support Programme (Part of Facebook's #HearForYou Campaign) and etc.