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Hong Kong Association for Computer Education

The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) was established in late 1981 by a group of enthusiastic teachers when the Education Department (presently known as the Education Bureau) was planning a pilot program in computer education in secondary schools.

Their aim is to support and promote computer education in Hong Kong through collaboration. Its core members were actively involved in the design and revision of various ICT-related curricula. The HKACE has mounted various sharing activities to support ICT teachers, and has organised student competitions such as the HKOI to raise interest in learning the subject. The HKACE has established a professional membership system, with members classified according to their academic qualifications, professional development, experience and contributions to IT education in Hong Kong.

HKACE has been recognized by the government as professionals in the Information Technology industry since 1997. As one of the accredited associations in the Functional Constituency (Information Technology) of Legislative Council, their professional members are eligible to register and vote in the Functional Constituency (Information Technology) Election. They are also a charitable institution registered according to section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (the Ordinance) (Cap. 112) since 2000.

Apart from promoting computer education, HKACE pays close attention to the use of information technology in teaching and learning in various subjects, so as to improve teaching efficiency and learning effectiveness. Not only do they support the formulation and promotion of Hong Kong IT policies, but also technology education including but not limited to e-learning, STEM education, as well as innovative technology
education and artificial intelligence.