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The Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

Lim Sun Sun
Lim Sun Sun
Head of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Singapore University of Technology and Design |

From pictures to GIFs, posts to comments, and videos to memes, the world of the digital citizen is vibrant, rambunctious and cacophonous.

As we consume and share media content, passing on information that we consider newsy and noteworthy, each of us shapes little by little, our overall media environment. The content we share can inspire some but annoy others, provoke reflection and even trigger action.

Vested with our digital devices, each of us is plugged into a community larger than our imaginations can grasp. Yet we must recognize that as digital citizens, our individual actions can have an impact on the broader collective, however insignificant we deem ourselves to be. Hence, while we can access a wealth of information online, we must also be discerning about the content we consume, and judicious about whom we share it with. Be curious about our sources of news, be critical of divisive discourse, and be conscious of our individual biases.

Digital citizenship is a privilege that we should cherish, but also carefully exercise.

- Professor Lim Sun Sun, 2019