Critical Thinking

Empowering Digital Citizens to Make Wise Choices

Dr Anjlee Prakash
Dr Anjlee Prakash
Chairperson, Learning Links Foundation |

Learning to recognize, draw and respect boundaries in a world where none can be seen is an essential element of responsible digital citizenship.

‘Always online, always connected’ is the new normal for children and youth growing up in today’s digital age. Their digital lives are continuously shaped by the choices they make as they seek and share information online. Whom they choose to trust, what they choose to say and how they interact creates their online reputation and builds their digital footprint. It is thus important that they are made aware of the consequences of their choices.

Merely knowing how to access a site, send a text message or hit the ‘like’ button does not make one digitally competent. Children and youth need to know how to navigate safely, think before they create and share content and communicate as appropriately as they would with someone face to face. This is where an education in digital citizenship proves useful.

"As digital technologies advance and become increasingly integrated in our lives, it is imperative that we raise responsible and compassionate digital citizens who can make the right choices that will govern and guide the future."

- Dr Anjlee Prakash, 2019