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Working in partnership with experts from across the Asia Pacific region, We Think Digital provides resources to build a global community of responsible digital citizens equipped with skills for a digital world.

What is Digital Citizenship & Why does it matter?

Digital citizenship is how we navigate our privileges and obligations in this new space. It is how we decipher and share information we have access to, and most importantly, how we interact with other people. We all play a part in creating responsible digital citizens and building a brighter digital future.

Digital Voices

Hear from today’s digital leaders and learn to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

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Our Resources

Developed in collaboration with experts, academics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and civil society organizations across Asia Pacific, our resources are designed to foster responsible citizenship.

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Our Partners

At Facebook, we have been invested in developing digital literacy and safety resources and tools for over a decade. As we build from digital literacy to digital citizenship, we're working with partners to bring We Think Digital workshops to local communities, and providing the resources to foster responsible digital citizens.

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Steering Committee

The We Think Digital Facebook Steering Committee is comprised of digital leaders from across Asia Pacific. Facebook consults with these experts on issues related to digital citizenship.

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